by forest.

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Wyatt Avery
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Wyatt Avery A truly dynamic EP that really carries you on an amazing ride. Makes you stop what you're doing and just listen. Favorite track: It's the System.
Curtis Mintah
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Curtis Mintah F L O W is a emotional roller coaster, in the best way possible. The whole album is phenomenal. "It's the System" took me to another realm of consciousness, which only good music can do. Favorite track: It's the System.
Benjamin McLaurin
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Benjamin McLaurin Very dreamy to the point of being hypnotic. I feel a wide range of influences in the music which normally come as confused but forest. manages to make it all work.

A very different sound and I am looking forward to following forest. as the evolve their signature sound over the years. Favorite track: Waking In Dreams.
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released June 27, 2016

Pianist/vocalist: Paolo Pace
Guitarist 1: Alex Tasse
Guitarist 2: Alex Gnaedinger
Drummer: Adam Luptak
Bassist: Giordano DiSalvo

Producer: Cory Bergeron
Mastering: Jordan Rannells



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forest. Ottawa, Ontario

We are an experimental prog rock band from Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Internal Struggle
Push me away from harm
When you find yourself bearing shame
I'm the remains of your dried up hopes
Your feelings departed when mine came

Don't remind me of what is real
Don't remind me of what is now
My inner struggle was pouring out
When you left without a sound

Who could've seen things coming
When you're this bellow ground?
I tried to claim my property
While my home was crashing down

Et si tu reviens, ça sera déjà fini
Notre départ initial est déjà parti

I am the cause, I am the cause
The reason for my petty flaws, my petty flaws
I deserve what I got
I was lost from the start

I am the cause, I am the curse
The reason this always gets worse, always gets worse
Yeah the light by the dock
Is fading out to the clock

But those eyes were looking away from here
Avoiding from facing that thing you fear

I know why (x4)

My weary heart and my young mind won't work
If I have failed, at least I know that I could

Goodbye (x4)

Tu vois ceci comme un signe de détresse
Mais c'est ta réalité

Just like ice this will all dissolve
The sun will rise despite us all
Track Name: Waking In Dreams
Cast off your worries
And glide in the breeze
Purged of your poisons
You’re floating so free

In the deep blue sea
Close your eyes and breathe
For me

Haven’t you noticed you’ve been here before?
It’s time to wake up now
Don’t hurt yourself more
What are you doing this for?

Falling away
You’re out of my clutch
For all that we’ve shared
I thank you so much

Memories fade
But we’re fading too
Like clouds in the sky
We’re just passing through

Love did you notice
What’s happening here?
These feelings are glowing
As you draw near

You’ve got not appointments
So you can’t be late
With no destination
Things fall into place

Things always fall into place
Track Name: Onward, Forward, Backward, Front
I came near
Near this empty hall
Silent tears
Down the drain they fall

Now I’m here
Waiting for a call
I can’t help
Like I could before

Stay with me…

Walking alongside the night sky
Despite the presence of a fright surprise
I told you what I have come to spite
I’ll pop your bubble once you’ll pop mine

I can't see your heart
Through a telescope
And I can't even feel it
Even when you’re close

Trapped in our minds
Concealed by the grey
We’re drinking alone
Together to decay

The world is all blurred
These empty thoughts aren't heard
We’re drinking alone
We’re all so alone

Breaking your walls down
I loathe this separation
Hushing the inner sounds
Of an unnatural repression

Burnt out
Tied down
Carry me now

For I lack flair
Within this systematic air

Blurry now
Few pixels now
I'm watching chaos from a quiet town

Your dark comes out
in the brightest view
Your head's weighing down
In a hot air balloon
Track Name: Morning Dread
Take a look at me
at my current state
Does this bother you?
Or should you run away?

I don't mean no harm
I'm just a friendly tape
Replaying everything
Inside an empty space

And it all comes down
to this unsteady seat
I can't wait no longer
No, I can hardly breathe.

Losing my head
In the morning dread
Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep (x2)

When my truth came out
Had a friend through the blinds
You never bothered me
but I still peered inside

You were the timid type
And I was drunk at the wheel
Spinning the bottles of chance
Pennies and dimes for a glance

I'll never do it again (x3)

It was a long way home
Had no comfort in sight
Then came the falling night
The falling night

Losing my head
In the morning dread
Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep (x2)

In the morning I'll wake
Trapped in bitter mistakes
Replaying everything
Inside this vacant space

Alone and so grey
I left you to rot
I'm so sorry for this
this is not what I want.

Now I'm looking towards
the face I forgot
And what's said has been said
But these feelings won't stop

In the morning I'll wake
Trapped in my own mistakes
Replaying all my pain
Inside this vacant space
Track Name: Don't Go There
You deserve to smile 
Stay here
Stay here for a while 
Swaying towards the spiral 
Don’t go there 
Don’t go there 
Towards the bile 
Am I to wait in the flow 
When the bad ones stay?
As the good ones go?
You are the painter in my mind 
Painting all the time 
Waiting in line 
Yet to be found 
Once our paths align 
What could be? 
I hope to breathe 
Around a loving seed 
So safe inside your company 
You deserve to smile 
That’s why you’ll stay here for a while 
Don’t stick around till it bites you 
Or the bane you have known will blind you
Track Name: It's the System
This won't ever let go
You've said what you've had to say
Well I've got nothing to say
Yeah I've got nothing to say

The system is out of control
My body won't listen anymore
There's always people shouting
and my ears can't handle the doubting

When I think I know what's up

Is when I've given a fuck
When I'm worth the rush
What more could you want?
This is where I belong

Why don't you
Carve my head
Into a perfect reflection?

Don't we all
Look so great?
Don't we all look the same?

When I've given enough
When I'm worth the rush
What more could you want?
This is where I belong